Black Flag How To Get Nassau Animus Fragment?

How do you get Animus fragments?

Animus Fragments

  1. Some Animus Fragments can only be gotten by taking a Leap of Faith. This is the same leap you take off any survey point.
  2. One of the trickier fragments is in Kingston, on top of the chimney of the guarded mansion.
  3. Another tricky fragment is found in the Smuggler’s Den off the coast of Kingston.

What do you get for collecting all Animus fragments black flag?

Collecting all the animus fragments just gives an abstergo challenge completed.

How do I get to Nassau Fort ac4?

1. Notes: In order to enter the fortress, head to its northwestern part. From a tree that hangs over a cliff, make your way to the northern side of the fortress ‘ outer wall. When you reach the platform with a palm tree that comes out of a wall, go to its northern end.

How do I get the animus fragment in Anotto Bay?

Animus Fragments To reach it, you have to dive underwater and enter the tunnel mine to the north. Turn to the left then find the spot where you can swim up and it will lead you to the fragment.

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What is the point of Animus fragments?

In Black Falg they are “Required to complete Abstergo challenges and unlock cheats, as well as emblems and titles for the multiplayer mode.”

What is the deceased crew cheat?

Video: How Cheats Work in Assassin’s Creed 4

Cheat Effect # of Challenges to Unlock
Dead Men Tell No Tales Makes Edward and the Jackdaw invincible 70
Shiver me Timbers Turns enemies into Rabbids 80
Armed to the Teeth Both Edward and the Jackdaw have unlimited Ammunition 90
Deceased Crew Gives the Jackdaw a skeleton crew 100


Is there a map for Animus data fragments?

When at 50, you will receive a free map that show them all in your map. Actually once you go far enough into the game, they will start to appear on the map for you after you have obtained a minimum amount of fragments. There was no map to buy.

What happens if you collect all Animus fragments in AC Revelations?

The number after the area represents how many Fragments are located there. The first 30 you collect are used towards unlocking Desmond Memories on Animus Island. Once 50 Animus Data Fragments are found the remaining 50 appear on your map. Finding all 100 of them earn you the Capped trophy/achievement.

Where is the treasure in Nassau?

For the treasure you need to go to Nassau. In the western part of the city, in the restricted area, there is a single house. Go past it and walk towards the marshes. The treasure is right next to the stone and the lake.

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How do you steal Chamberlaines plans?

Head across the way to the West carefully. Get to the wall and use that as cover until he turns his back. When he does, make a run for the plans. Grab them to end this memory.

Why is fast travel unavailable AC rogue?

If you are too close to a legendary ship fast travel becomes unavailable.

Where in Jamaica is Annotto Bay?

Annotto Bay is a town in the parish of Saint Mary in Jamaica. It was once an active port on the north side. This town was previously named ‘Guayguata’ by the Tainos, it is named from the abundance of the Annatto trees in the area.

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