FAQ: Nassau County Where To File Article 78 Petition?

How do I file an Article 78?

A proceeding under Article 78 generally must be brought in New York State Supreme Court in any county within the judicial district where the respondent made the determination complained of or refused to perform the duty specifically enjoined upon him by law, or where the proceedings were brought or taken in the course

How much does an Article 78 cost?

Think $5000-$25,000, if they take your case at all.

What is an Article 78 proceeding in NY?

What is an Article 78 Proceeding? In an Article 78 proceeding, you ask a state court to review a decision or action of a New York State official or administrative agency, such as a prison official or the Board of Parole, which you believe was unlawful.

Can you appeal an Article 78 decision?

Yes. Article 78 Proceedings must be filed within four months of the date you receive the decision you want to appeal. If you do not file within that time period, you will likely be prevented from pursuing your appeal.

What is Article 78 of the Constitution?

Article 78 of the Constitution deals with the duties of the Prime Minister with respect to the furnishing of information to the President.

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What is special proceeding?

The 1997 Rules of Civil Procedures define a special proceeding as “a remedy by which a party seeks to establish a status, a right, or a particular fact.” It is distinct from an ordinary legal “action” where one party files a suit against another party to seek redress for a wrong or an injury, or to protect his (the

What is a hearing appeal to the NY Supreme Court called?

If you disagree with a fair hearing decision, you can appeal the decision in New York State courts. This appeal is called an “Article 78 proceeding.” It is named after the section of New York law that sets out the rules for this kind of case: Article 78 of the New York Civil Practice Laws and Rules.

What is Cplr in New York?

The New York Civil Practice Law and Rules ( CPLR ) is chapter 8 of the Consolidated Laws of New York and governs legal procedure in the Unified Court System such as jurisdiction, venue, and pleadings, as well certain areas of substantive law such as the statute of limitations and joint and several liability The CPLR has

What is a special proceeding in New York?

A special proceeding can only be used where it is specifically authorized by a statute. There are a number of these, but generally, they relate to challenging the action or determination of a governmental officer or agency. See, Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR for short) Article 78.

What does it mean to perfect an appeal?

To “ perfect the appeal ” is to fully comply with the rules, procedures, and time lines of the court. When an appeal has been “perfected,” it is sent to the Superior Court so the judge can review the decision of the lower court and decide whether or not it should be enforced. Synonyms: perfect the appeal.

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What do you mean by certiorari?

certiorari in American English (ˌsɜrʃiəˈrɛri ) Law. a discretionary writ from a higher court to a lower one, or to a board or official with some judicial power, requesting the record of a case for review.

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