FAQ: What Timezone Is Nassau Bahamas In?

Is the Bahamas in the same timezone as Florida?

Bahamas is the same time as the center of the Florida ( FL ). We are using the US/Eastern time zone. For more accuracy, choose specific cities for each location. For example, compare Jacksonville, FL to Bahamas with Pensacola, FL to Bahamas.

Is Bahamas the same time as New York?

Since Bahamas and New York, New York currently have equivalent time zones, you can call someone during your normal hours and it will be the same time in New York, NY as it is in Bahamas. This will be between 7AM – 11PM their time, since New York, New York is in the same time zone as Bahamas.

What time is it in Atlantis Bahamas right now?

Current Local Time in Locations in The Bahamas with Links for More Information (3 Locations)
Freeport * Mon 6:38 am
George Town ( Bahamas ) * Mon 6:38 am
Nassau * Mon 6:38 am

Is the Bahamas est?

The capital is Nassau on the island of New Providence. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force describes The Bahamas ‘ territory as encompassing 470,000 km2 (180,000 sq mi) of ocean space. The Bahamas.

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Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Time zone UTC−5 ( EST )
• Summer (DST) UTC−4 (EDT)
Driving side left
Calling code +1 242


Do you need a passport to go to Bahamas?

U.S. citizens are generally required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to The Bahamas, as well as proof of anticipated departure from The Bahamas. U.S. travelers coming for tourism will not need a visa for travel up to 90 days. All other travelers will need a visa and/or work permit.

What money do they use in the Bahamas?

The Bahamian dollar is on par with the US dollar – no need to exchange currency! Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and most debit cards are also widely accepted throughout Nassau Paradise Island, as well as travelers’ cheques.

Is Atlantis in the Bahamas worth it?

Not worth an entire stay at Atlantis. One positive thing I will say about my review of Atlantis is that beaches are amazing. We went to several beaches, both public and resort, while in the Bahamas and the Cove beach was particularly the best. The kids actually preferred this beach over any pool at Atlantis.

Is Atlantis All Inclusive?

Is Atlantis an all – inclusive resort? Atlantis is not an all – inclusive Resort; we are a full service Resort. As our guest, you have full access to all Atlantis water park features at no additional cost. Beach towels are provided daily at no charge once within the water park.

Is Atlantis Bahamas Open Covid?

Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas has been closed due to the pandemic up until recently.

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How far is the Bahamas from Florida?

The western islands of the Bahamas are only 50 miles from Florida’s east coast. With a bit of prep and planning, you can get there even in a modest-sized boat. Used to be, when cruising the Bahamas, you would mostly see cruising sailboats, trawlers, and large yachts.

Is Bahamas in Eastern time zone?

Bahamas Time Zone – Bahamas Current Time – Daylight Saving Time

Bahamas Local Time Details
Time Zone Abbreviations Bahamas Standard Time – is abbreviated as EST Bahamas Daylight Time – is abbreviated as EDT
UTC – GMT Offset Bahamas is GMT/UTC – 5h during Standard Time Bahamas is GMT/UTC – 4h during Daylight Saving Time

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