FAQ: Where Is The Nassau District Court Second District?

What District Court is Nassau County?

District Court – Nassau – 10th JD | NYCOURTS.GOV.

What judicial district is Suffolk County?

Suffolk County is one of sixty-two counties in the state of New York. Suffolk County is located within the 10th Judicial District and contains several different trial courts.

How do I pay a ticket online in Nassau County?

For your convenience, Nassau County accepts ticket payments online with Discover, Mastercard or Visa. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT CREDIT CARD COMPANIES IMPOSE A PROCESSING FEE. Nassau County accepts Red Light Camera violation payments online using your Visa or Mastercard. Visit the payment web site.

How do I evict someone in Nassau County?

To commence a nonpayment or holdover proceeding, a landlord must file a Notice of Petition and Petition with the District Court Clerk and pay the required fee. The clerk will assign a return date for the petition and the landlord will have to serve the papers on the tenant and file an affidavit of service.

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Is Nassau County Supreme Court open?

“It is important for citizens to know that the courts in Nassau County remain open for business with an emphasis on emergency and essential proceedings.” Family Court: 516-493-3900. Supreme Court and Matrimonial Center: 516-493-3401.

What does the county court do UK?

The County Court deals with civil (non-criminal) matters. Unlike criminal cases – in which the state prosecutes an individual – civil court cases arise where an individual or a business believes their rights have been infringed.

Who is Valerie Cartwright?

Valerie M. Cartwright has stepped down from her position at The Law Offices of Frederick K. Brewington to begin serving her term as Brookhaven Town councilwoman. She replaces Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld, who decided not to seek re-election after serving approximately 10 years as town councilman.

How much is an expired inspection ticket in Nassau County?

You can receive a fine. If the inspection sticker on your vehicle has expired in the past 60 days, you can receive a fine of $25 to $50. If the inspection sticker is expired more than 60 days, the fine is between $50 and $100.

How do I pay a ticket on Long Island?

Parking and most traffic ticket payments can also be made by phone at 516-572-2389 using MasterCard or Visa. Phones are staffed from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please be advised that it can be difficult to get through on the phone. Phone and online payments incur a $2 per ticket credit card processing fee.

How much is a speeding ticket in Nassau County?

For driving 1 to 10 MPH over the limit, you can expect a fine that ranges between $45 and $150. A $90 to $300 fine will be imposed for driving 11 to 30 MPH over the limit in a school zone. When ticketed for driving more than 31 MPH, however, you are looking at fines between $180 and $600.

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How long does it take to evict a tenant on Long Island?

You can start a summary proceeding to evict for non-payment of rent. The tenant will either pay the past due rent or you can get him evicted. The whole process takes approximately two months.

How long does it take to evict someone in Nassau County?

In Nassau County, it could take 45 days or more from the date the action is commenced. In Western Suffolk County, it generally takes about 30 days. In Eastern Suffolk, it could take less than 30 days. The general rule is that the closer the venue is to New York City, the longer the action takes.

How much can a landlord raise rent in Nassau County?

no limit on how much your landlord can increase your rent. However, your landlord must give you advanced written notice before they can raise your rent 5% or more.

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