How Long Does It Take To Sail From Nassau To Half Moon Cay?

Do you have to tender to Half Moon Cay?

Our first port on the Eastern Caribbean Carnival Cruise was Half Moon Cay. Also known as Little San Salvador Island, this private island is one of 700 islands in the Bahamas. The only way to get to the island is to take a tender boat from the ship to the island.

Is there a free beach at Half Moon Cay?

The Beach is Free – Review of Half Moon Beach, Little San Salvador Island ( Half Moon Cay ), Bahamas – Tripadvisor.

What ships go to Half Moon Cay?

Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas

  • Carnival ConquestCurrent Element Number 1 of 11.
  • Carnival DreamCurrent Element Number 2 of 11.
  • Carnival EcstasyCurrent Element Number 3 of 11.
  • Carnival ElationCurrent Element Number 4 of 11.
  • Carnival FreedomCurrent Element Number 5 of 11.
  • Carnival LegendCurrent Element Number 6 of 11.
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Which is Better Half Moon Cay or Princess Cay?

Beaches: Passengers love the soft, powdery sand of Half Moon Cay. On Princess Cays, the sand runs a bit more coarse, with some rocky beach areas. Half Moon Cay offers horseback riding, biking and hiking. Princess Cays features coastal cruising, fishing and a clear-bottom kayak tour.

Is food free on Half Moon Cay?

Is Food Included at Half Moon Cay? Yes. Whether you are sailing with Carnival or Holland America there is a free buffet at the dining pavilion that offers a variety of food, including Caribbean barbecue.

Does Half Moon Cay have shopping?

The shops feature local Bahamian crafts that are similar to or the same as the items found at the other Bahamian straw markets in Freeport and Nassau. The items on the island are somewhat more expensive than at the other straw markets and the locals on Half Moon Cay are not as apt to negotiate prices.

Does Carnival drink package work on Half Moon Cay?

Drink Packages Don’t Work on Half Moon Cay They don’t! You’ll need to purchase an additional drink package solely for your time on Half Moon Cay. If you decide to pay for individual drinks don’t forget to bring your Sign & Sail Card ( Carnival passengers) or Stateroom Key Card (Holland America passengers).

Which Cruise Line has the best private island?

Best Cruise – Line Private Islands in the Caribbean

  1. Half Moon Cay.
  2. Castaway Cay.
  3. CocoCay.
  4. Great Stirrup Cay.
  5. Harvest Caye.
  6. Princess Cays. More than 40 acres of land in the Bahamas is available for guests of Princess Cruises on its island stop.
  7. Labadee. Perhaps Royal Caribbean’s Labadee gets the least amount of love due to its location?
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How much are the cabanas at Half Moon Cay?

The Oasis Cabana is usually $1,500 per day for 12 guests. A $100 surcharge is added for each additional person, up to 25 people. At capacity, the price for 25 occupants is $2,800.

Can you stay on Half Moon Cay?

The island is owned by Carnival so I think you have to take a carnival or Holland cruise to the location. There are no hotels on the island.

Is Half Moon Cay man made?

Half Moon Cay is Holland America Line’s award-winning private island in the Bahamas. Remember that all Caribbean cruises out of Fort Lauderdale include a call at Half Moon Cay, so there are plenty of opportunities to visit this memorable destination.

Where does Carnival dock in Half Moon Cay?

Currently, cruise ships to Half Moon Cay anchor at sea (in the bay) and transport/ferry their passengers ashore via ship’s tender boats.

Is Princess Cay owned by Carnival?

Princess Cays is a Carnival Corporation owned island/port tucked away in the islands of the Bahamas… and oh man what a dream.

Does Carnival drink package work on Princess Cays?

Package Include Drinks On The Private Island? Unfortunately, Carnival’s drink package does not cover any beverages purchased off the ship… including on Half Moon Cay or Princess Cays. So any drinks purchased there will be charged to your Sail & Sign card.

Is Princess Cay a tender port?

Princess Cays Transportation Due to the shallow waters, cruise ships anchor offshore and guests are transferred ashore by tender (ship’s ferries). This makes the port of call unsuitable for those with limited mobility. The tenders drop you at the Love Boat Marina just a short walk from the beach.

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