Often asked: How Big Are Classes At Nassau Community College?

How many credits is full-time at Nassau Community College?

To be a full-time student, you need to be enrolled for a minimum of twelve credits (or the equivalent number of hours) a semester. For most students, that means taking at least four courses.

How many classes should I take in community college?

Per semester, at minimum 12 credits, maybe 15, and if you really can handle the courseload, take 18 credits. You can probably get away with 9 credits but you wouldn’t be considered full-time and it would take longer to finish your associate’s degree that way. It is up to you if you want to finish in two years or less.

What is a passing grade at Nassau Community College?

Percentage Equivalent Grade Quality of Achievement
75-79 C+
70-74 C Average
65-69 D+
60-64 D Minimum Passing


Do community colleges offer 300 level courses?

These courses are usually numbered 300 – 499. Community colleges do not offer upper- division classes. Some community college classes may number above 299, but these classes are for specialized certificate programs. Usually you must take lower- division courses before enrolling in upper- division classes.

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What is the acceptance rate for Nassau Community College?

Nassau is a public college located in Hempstead, New York in the New York City Area. It is a mid-size institution with an enrollment of 9,486 undergraduate students. The Nassau acceptance rate is 100%.

Is Nassau Community College a 2 year school?

We are the largest single-campus community college in the state of New York. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and is authorized by the Board of Regents to award two- year associate degrees in arts (AA), science (AS), and applied science (AAS).

Can Community College deny you?

So, can a community college deny you? In general, just like most other colleges, a community college can deny you. Grounds for not being accepted may differ. They range from not having the necessary documents to not having enough resources due to high enrollment.

Is 7 classes a semester too much?

It’s definitely possible, I know people who take 7 -8 classes per semester regularly and do fine if not exceptionally well. But you might be better off taking 6 and getting a perfect GPA. There is a large GPA risk in overdoing it, and the reality is you might learn more if you focus on a topic than if you don’t.

Should I take 4 or 5 courses in a semester?

If your working a full time job, don’t take more than 4. Since you need to balance your work/school schedule. Now, if your not working a full time job, I would recommend taking at least 6 classes each semester. It is better to take at least 5, per semester than just 4.

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What GPA do you need to get into Nassau Community College?

The following is required: Upper 50% of high school class, or, if applying with previous college work, a minimum overall grade point average ( GPA ) of 2.50 with a minimum grade of “C” in each prerequisite course in math, biology and chemistry. Prerequisite courses: Two years of pre- college math.

How do I check my grades Nassau Community College?

Go to www. ncc.edu/MyNCC and click on MyNCC Banner Login. Use your NCC – ID (N Number) and your PIN to log in. On the Main Menu select the Faculty Page 3 Services tab or the Faculty and Advisors link, and then select “Final Grades ”.

How do I get my NCC C certificate grade?

You need to have a minimum 3 years of service in any of the three wings of NCC to be eligible to write ‘ C ‘ certificate exam. In your ‘ C ‘ certificate exam, get a ‘B’ grade (though ‘B’ and ‘ C ‘ grade don’t have any value, so try to get ‘A’ grade ).

Are 300-level classes harder than 200?

IMO, 300 – level courses are easier in the sense that they will be more specific and hone in on a particular topic whereas 200 – level arts courses are all over the place, covering like 200 years of history in 15 weeks, which can easily be confusing.

Are community college classes the same as university?

The main difference between a community college and a university is that most degrees at a community college only take two years to complete, while degrees at a four year university take four years to complete. Most community colleges do not offer a bachelor’s degree.

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What are 500 level courses?

These upper-division courses are primarily for undergraduates but enroll graduate students as well. 400- level courses (for undergraduates) generally meet concurrently with 500 – level courses (for graduate students). The 500 – level versions entail more rigorous work and/or additional class meetings.

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