Often asked: Where Does Carnival Dock In Nassau?

How far is the beach from the cruise port in Nassau?

Cable Beach is located on the main-land (Providence Island) roughly six miles west of Nassau Cruise Port. From your terminal (Prince George’s Wharf) you can hop in a taxi and get there in 20 minutes.

How far is downtown Nassau from cruise port?

Make sure you’ve packed all your cruise port accessories for your visit. Your ship will dock at Prince George Wharf which is very large and able to accommodate 7 vessels at once. This cruise terminal is conveniently located near the heart of Nassau and it’s just a 10-minute walk to get to downtown Nassau.

Can you walk from Nassau cruise port to Atlantis?

Cruise passengers docking at Nassau can fit a visit to Atlantis into their day’s schedule with no difficulty, as the resort is only 2 miles by road from the cruise port at Prince George Wharf. A bridge connecting Paradise Island to Nassau is open to cars and pedestrians, and water taxis run between the two locales.

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How many cruise ships are in port in Nassau Bahamas?

Nassau cruise terminal is at Prince George Wharf, located on island’s northern coast. The port has capacity to handle up to 7 cruise vessels simultaneously. In the end of 2018, to The Bahamas government received bids for cruise terminal concession.

What is the prettiest beach in the Bahamas?

Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama The signature stretch of sand on on gorgeous Grand Bahama, this “welcome mat” of the island is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the wider Caribbean, set on the edge of the Lucayan National Park.

Can you walk from Nassau to Paradise Island?

Most visitors walk around Paradise Island’s most densely developed sections and hire a taxi for the occasional longer haul. The most popular way to reach nearby Nassau is to walk across the toll bridge. There is no charge for pedestrians.

What can you do in Nassau for free?

8 Free (or Cheap) Cruise Shore Excursions in Nassau, Bahamas

  • Junkanoo Beach. As one of the few free beaches in Nassau that’s close to the cruise port, Junkanoo Beach can get crowded.
  • Nassau Straw Market.
  • Spray Fountains Outside Straw Market.
  • Woodworking.
  • Queen’s Staircase.
  • Fort Fincastle.
  • The Pirates of Nassau Museum.
  • Ardastra Gardens and Zoo.

What is there to do in Nassau without excursion?

Ardastra Gardens

  • Frommers: Beaches in Bahamas.
  • Nassau Paradise Island: The Queen’s Staircase.
  • Nassau Paradise Island: Tour Local Forts.
  • AMMC Bahamas: Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation.
  • The Islands of the Bahamas: Museums.
  • Pirates of Nassau: Pirates of the Bahamas.
  • Cruise Critic: Nassau Cruise Port.
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Can you walk around Nassau Bahamas?

Nassau is compact and easy to see in a day, which is quite convenient considering many visitors (coming off cruise ships) only have that long to see it.

How much is a taxi from Nassau cruise port to Atlantis?

If you’re running late, you can always catch a taxi back to the port. It’ll run about $8-$10 for the ride but traffic at rush hour in downtown Nassau can come to a stand-still.

Is there a free beach in Nassau?

Cable Beach There’s a reason the resorts are there: Cable Beach is a breathtaking beach paradise and a great place to unwind and relax. Cable Beach is public beach, so you can access its 2.5 miles of white sand wonder free of charge.

How much is a taxi from Nassau to Atlantis?

The quickest way to get from Nassau Airport (NAS) to Atlantis Paradise Island is to taxi which costs $60 – $75 and takes 15 min.

Is Nassau a good port?

Nassau is a surprisingly diverse port. Beach lovers and travelers who enjoy water sports, diving or snorkeling will find a wide variety of excursions and activities to suit their tastes. Nassau is also filled with historic sites and shopping opportunities.

Are cruise ports open in the Bahamas?

While the slow-moving nature of Hurricane Dorian devastated Grand Bahama and Abaco, all ports have reopened and business is fully operational in Nassau – the second-most populated cruise destination in the Caribbean.

Where do cruises dock in Bahamas?

Where do the cruise ships dock in Nassau Bahamas? Cruise ships dock just outside of Nassau’s historic downtown at Prince George Wharf. Being the most visited port in the Bahamas and a popular destination for cruise ships is a very lively port.

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