Often asked: Where Does The Jitney Stop In Nassau County?

Where is the Westhampton Jitney stop?

The first stop of the HAMPTON JITNEY WESTHAMPTON bus route is 96th Street and the last stop is Hampton Bays Eastbound. HAMPTON JITNEY WESTHAMPTON (Direction: Hampton Bays) is operational during everyday.

Is it safe to take the Hampton Jitney?

There is ZERO social distancing on Hampton Jitney. They are not only NOT social distancing but are. They have combined all the buses from the Hamptons and north fork on to 1 completely full bus..don’t take the jitney if you value you and your loved ones’ safety.

Does the jitney go to Greenport?

HAMPTON JITNEY NORTH FORK (Hampton Jitney ) The first stop of the HAMPTON JITNEY NORTH FORK bus route is Greenport and the last stop is 3rd Ave & 85th St. HAMPTON JITNEY NORTH FORK (Direction: Greenport -Manhattan) is operational during everyday.

How much is a Hampton Jitney ticket?


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MONTAUK LINE (Line Code M) & ALL Manorville Stops
Pay On Board Prepaid Internet Rate
Each Way $39.00 $32.00
Peak $44.00 $37.00

Can you drink on the Hampton Jitney?

Hampton Jitney has partnered with RGNY, certified sustainable vineyard on the North Fork, to bring you wine on the go. Visiting friends or family? No need to carry extra bags or stop at a liquor store – bring a taste of the North Fork with you on your next venture, and order wine when you book your future excursions.

Is there WiFi on the Hampton Jitney?

Yes, all Hampton Jitney coaches offer free Wi-Fi service. Sometimes, do to high demand, we rent additional vehicles to accommodate passenger volume and these vehicles may not offer WiFi on board.

Does the Hampton Jitney run year round?

Hampton Jitney’s operations are headquartered at The Omni in Southampton. It opened a second base in Calverton in 2015. Since October, 11, 2010, the Hampton Jitney is the only year – round transportation provider between New York City and the North Fork on weekends and major holidays.

Does Hampton Jitney have a bathroom?

Otherwise, an easy trip from NYC to the Hampton’s or vice Versa: PleaE enjoy snacks, water, bathroom on board the Hampton Jitney.

How do you get from Manhattan to the Hamptons?


  1. LIMO SERVICE. In the best traffic, travel between NYC and the Hamptons can take upwards of 1 hour, 30 minutes.
  2. BUS SERVICE. Many frequent commuters without a big transportation budget swear by bus service, such as Hampton Luxury Liner.
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How far is Sag Harbor from Manhattan?

Astonishingly, Sag Harbor is only 80 miles from New York City. I take the Hampton Jitney, a dedicated bus service, at 40th Street; and a few minutes later we’re through the Midtown Tunnel and out to Long Island.

What does Jitney mean?

1: an unlicensed taxicab. 2 [from the original 5 cent fare]: bus sense 1a especially: a small bus that carries passengers over a regular route on a flexible schedule. 3 slang: nickel sense 2a(1)

Who lives in the Hamptons New York?

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  • 1 / 9. Jennifer Lopez. New York native J-Lo owns a US $10 million mansion in The Hamptons, which serves as her summer retreat on the East Coast.
  • 2 / 9. Julianne Moore.
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Is there a train from Manhattan to the Hamptons?

LIRR Operates First Non-Stop Service from Manhattan to Hamptons. The Cannonball, the Long Island Rail Road’s fastest train to the East End, is now running non-stop from Manhattan for the first time since the train was introduced back in the 1890s.

Is there a train from NYC to the Hamptons?

The Long Island Railroad runs trains to the Hamptons from New York City via regular and express service. The regular Hamptons Coach Service trains make all station stops and reaches Westhampton in around two hours, terminating at Montauk after a three-hour ride.

How do I get from JFK to the Hamptons?

The best way to get from New York JFK Airport ( JFK) to The Hamptons is to train which takes 3h 3m and costs $35 – $50. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs and takes 4h 32m.

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