Often asked: Why Can’t I Travel To Nassau On Assassins Creed Black Flag?

Why is my Fast Travel unavailable black flag?

If you are too close to a legendary ship fast travel becomes unavailable.

How do I get to Nassau Fort AC4?

1. Notes: In order to enter the fortress, head to its northwestern part. From a tree that hangs over a cliff, make your way to the northern side of the fortress ‘ outer wall. When you reach the platform with a palm tree that comes out of a wall, go to its northern end.

Where is Nassau in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag?

Nassau is the capital, largest city and commercial center of the Bahamas, situated on New Providence Island.

Can you get a bigger ship in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag?

You cannot upgrade the body/frame to be larger, or upgrade the ship itself to a new ship.

Why is my Fast Travel unavailable Valhalla?

@UbisoftSupport AC Valhalla is basically unplayable now because you can’t manually save or fast travel after the latest update, on top of your previous manual saves being missing from the save menus.

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Is there fast travel in Black Flag?

The game’s fast – travel system has also been simplified to help with the larger map. You can now jump to any sync-point you’ve uncovered anywhere in the game world. One casualty of Black Flag’s size may be the series’ expansion onto PlayStation Vita – begun last year with Assassin’s Creed 3 spin-off Liberation.

How do you steal Chamberlaines plans?

Head across the way to the West carefully. Get to the wall and use that as cover until he turns his back. When he does, make a run for the plans. Grab them to end this memory.

Where is the treasure in Nassau?

For the treasure you need to go to Nassau. In the western part of the city, in the restricted area, there is a single house. Go past it and walk towards the marshes. The treasure is right next to the stone and the lake.

How do you infiltrate a fort?

Infiltrate the fort Use the planks on the walls here to reach the tower’s top. Once you reach the “windows” you will find a guard. Wait for him to come closer and throw him down by pressing the attack button, as soon as the assassination option appears.

Where is the chest in Nassau fort?

Chests. 01: Inside the fort, under a shed. 02: Found in one of the fort’s entrances to the northwest. Place a marker to the chest in your map then swim to eastward.

Is the jackdaw a real ship?

HMS Jackdaw was a Royal Navy Cuckoo-class schooner that William Rowe built at Newcastle and launched in 1806. She had a relatively undistinguished career, with the low point being her capture by what some described as a Spanish “rowboat”. British frigates recaptured Jackdaw the next day.

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Did Edward Kenway marry his daughter?

In 1712, Edward married Caroline Scott, the daughter of the wealthy tea merchant Emmett Scott and his wife Elizabeth.

Can you board legendary ships?

One thing to remember is that these Legendaries cannot be boarded, which means they cannot be added to your fleet. Touching the hull of an elite ship with Edward results in a one -touch death. If you are having trouble taking on Legendaries, you will have an easier time once you have the Elite Ship Upgrades.

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