Question: Assassin’s Creed 4 How To Find Social Chest Nassau?

How do you get the chest in the fort in Nassau?

Go to the beach south of the fort then go to the north, following the shore. You’ll find the fort’s dungeon entrance guarded by two soldiers. Dispose them and open the chest.

Where can I find social chests?

Easiest location for it is in Nassau in the governor’s house, as it is also a fast travel point. Also the island at 575,720 is a good place.

How do I find a social treasure?

Social Treasure

  1. log in to the PSN (playstation network) Note: The social treasure can only be found if you are online.
  2. Go the Great Inagua 845,468.
  3. Go to the manor at the top of the hill, than go to the bedroom, inside the bedroom at the foot of the bed will be a chest, the chest should appear on your mini map as a blue chest.

Where is Nassau in AC black flag?

Nassau is the capital, largest city and commercial center of the Bahamas, situated on New Providence Island.

Where is the treasure in Nassau?

For the treasure you need to go to Nassau. In the western part of the city, in the restricted area, there is a single house. Go past it and walk towards the marshes. The treasure is right next to the stone and the lake.

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How do you get into the Nassau castle?

Nassau Chests Locations Guide

  1. Notes: In order to enter the fortress, head to its northwestern part. From a tree that hangs over a cliff, make your way to the northern side of the fortress’ outer wall.
  2. Notes: You can reach this area only from water.
  3. Notes: This chest can be found inside an underground tunnel.

How do you get the Scottish broadswords in Black Flag?

If you share 3 social chests with friends you unlock a free set of Scottish broadswords.

What are social treasures?

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How do I get Edward the legend outfit?

Edward The Legend Outfit – You can purchase it for 20 UPlay Points. The Vengeful Daughter Pack – You can purchase it for 40 UPlay Points. The Blades of Toledo Pack – You can purchase it for 30 UPlay Points.

How do I get the Templar armor in Black Flag?

Head to your hideout, Great Inagua, and find the Templar armor within the manor (845,468). With the four keys from each of the previous side quests, and the original key from the story mode, you can now open the cage with the Templar armor.

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