Question: How To Get To Harbour Island From Nassau?

How much is a ferry from Nassau to Harbour Island?

Bahamas Ferries, high-speed catamarans, connect Nassau to Harbour Island, Governor’s Harbour, and Spanish Wells. The trip takes three hours and costs $155 round-trip.

How do you get to Harbour Island Bahamas?

There is no direct route to Harbour Island. From the United States fly into Nassau, Fort Lauderdale or Miami and take a connecting flight to North Eleuthera (ELH) airport on Eleuthera. From there, take a taxi to the dock and a water taxi to Harbour Island.

How long is flight from Nassau to Harbour Island?

Airports in Harbour Island The shortest flight to Harbour Island from Nassau takes 36m (based on flights departing in the next 60 days). How many airports are there in Nassau?

How far is it from Nassau to Harbour Island?

Distance from Harbour Island to Nassau is 88 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 55 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Harbour Island and Nassau is 88 km = 55 miles.

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Is Harbour island expensive?

Thanks! Harbour Island food costs are expensive, but they really aren’t any more (or at least much more) expensive than in Nassau, it’s just that in Nassau you have more choices of fast food joints, etc. The great bargain for eating on Harbour Island is Arthur’s Bakery.

Can you get to Pig Island from Nassau?

One can travel to Pig Beach by power boat, ferry, or private plane. Bahamas Air Tours will bring you to Pig Island from larger destinations such as Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. The plane ride is only thirty-minutes from Nassau, making it a prime day trip location.

Is Harbour Island Bahamas safe?

How Safe Is Harbour Island Really? As with all Bahamas, Harbor Island is not entirely safe. However, this remote island is safer than the Grand Bahama. The main crimes here are petty and major thefts, attacks on tourists, fraud, and pickpockets.

What is the most beautiful island in the Bahamas?

Cat Island is one of the least frequented and the most beautiful of all the Bahamas out-islands. While it offers outstanding diving off its south shore, this remote island has hardly been touched by tourism, making it ideal for those seeking the ultimate in peace, and unchartered territory.

What is Harbour island known for?

Harbour Island, is famous for its three-mile-long pink beach that runs the entire length of the island on its eastern side. The beach is protected by an outlying coral reef that makes the turquoise clear water one of the safest and most alluring swimming and snorkeling spots in The Bahamas.

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How long is the ferry from Nassau to Eleuthera?

The cheapest way to get from Nassau to Eleuthera Island is to car ferry which costs $85 – $95 and takes 9h 25m.

Can you take a ferry from Nassau to Eleuthera?

You can ferry to Eleuthera from Nassau instead of taking the short flight on Pineapple Air or Southern Air Charter. The ferry takes much longer than the short flight and is approximately the same price.

How do I get from Nassau to Dunmore Town?

The quickest way to get from Nassau to Dunmore Town is to car ferry which costs $62 and takes 2h 40m.

How far is Harbour Island from Atlantis?

The distance between Atlantis Paradise Island and Harbour Island is 83 km.

Where is Harbor Island located in the Bahamas?

Located in the Bahamas, just northwest of Eleuthera Island, Harbour Island is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the Atlantic.

How far is Harbour island from Miami?

The distance between Miami and Harbour Island is 205 miles.

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