Quick Answer: How Many Zipcodes Are There In Nassau?

What zip codes are in Nassau County NY?

Zip Code List County – Nassau County,

Zip Code City County
11507 Albertson Nassau County
11509 Atlantic Beach Nassau County
11510 Baldwin Nassau County
11510 North Baldwin Nassau County


Does Nassau Bahamas have a zip code?

Bahamas does not use zip or postal codes. If it’s required for an online forms, use 00000 or other random numbers.

How many zip codes are in Long Island?

Long Island City, NY Covers 3 ZIP Codes

ZIP Code Area Code(s) Timezone
11101 718 Eastern
11109 718 Eastern
11120 718 Eastern

Where is the zip code 00001?

The term ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, postal zones were created to make the mail delivery more efficient. The ZIP code 00001 is one of more than 42,000 five-digit ZIP Codes in the United States. ZIP area 00001 is located in the Dillingham Census Area, state of Alaska.

How many zip codes are assigned to Nassau County?

Nassau County, New York: 70 Zip Codes.

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How did Nassau get its name?

The town that would be called Nassau was founded in 1670 by British noblemen who brought British settlers with them to New Providence. They built a fort, and named it Charles Town in honour of England’s King Charles II. The name Nassau ultimately derives from the town of Nassau in Germany.

What is a zip code of United States?

Valid US Cities and Zip Codes

State City ZIP Code (s)
Arizona (AZ) Phoenix 85001 thru 85055
Arkansas (AR) Little Rock 72201 thru 72217
California (CA) Sacramento Los Angeles Beverly Hills 94203 thru 94209 90001 thru 90089 90209 thru 90213
Colorado (CO) Denver 80201 thru 80239


What is the zip code for Long Island City?

Long Island City is covered by ZIP Code 11101. The United States Post Office operates the Long Island City Station at 46-02 21st Street.

What is the zip code for Long Island?

Long Island Zip Codes

Amagansett 11930
East Patchogue 11772
East Quogue 11942
East Setauket 11733
East Yaphank 11967


What is Long Island code?

Area codes 631 and 934 are the telephone area codes for Suffolk County, New York, comprising the geographic majority of Long Island.

What zip code is 11111?


USA usa zip code, postal code: 11111
State/Province or City: Renacimiento

What zip code is 99999?

There is no ZIP Code 99999 in the United States. As for what the 99999 code can be used for, the most frequent use is as a dummy code is fiction and in movies, when the author or playwright wants to use a number that cannot be confused with an authentic code.

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Where is ZIP code 77777?

Marne-la-Vallée Postal code is 77777 CEDEX 4. Marne-la-Vallée Post offcie Address Île-de-France, Seine-et-Marne,, France.

Marne-la-Vallée Postal code 77777 CEDEX 4 Details
Postal Zip Codes 77777 CEDEX 4
Country Name France
LATITUDE 48.8333

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