Quick Answer: What Jobs Are Available In Nassau County Public Libraries?

What types of jobs are in a library?

Library Jobs

  • Librarians.
  • Library Technicians.
  • Library Assistants.
  • Public Relations Specialists.
  • Administrative Services Managers.
  • Computer Support Specialists.
  • Janitors.

What do you do when you work at a library?

As a library worker, you aren’t just there to help members of the community find and check out books, movies, and music. You ‘re there to help make their lives a little bit easier, whether that means teaching them how to take pictures on their phones or informing them of the town’s recycling schedule.

What is a library page job?

Library pages keep libraries running from day to day by sorting and shelving books, assisting library patrons, and preparing library facilities for events. They use their knowledge of books and other library materials to make recommendations and help locate items.

How do you get a job in a library Australia?

To work as a librarian in Australia, you need to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in library and information studies that has been accredited by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA). These programs are usually one to two years full time.

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What is the highest position in a library?

Some of the highest paying careers and titles in the field of librarianship include:

  1. Federal Government Librarian.
  2. University Librarian.
  3. Special Librarian.
  4. Curator.

What qualifications do you need to work in a library?

You can qualify as a librarian either by studying for a university qualification or by working as a library assistant and doing work-based training. To get on a degree you need five GCSEs A-C, including maths, English and science, and at least two A levels.

What should you not do in a library?


  • Do not make noise in the Library (or its surroundings).
  • Do not use cell phones inside the Library.
  • Do not STEAL (all items are books) from the Library.
  • Do not listen to music while in the Library.
  • Do not sleep (no lodging) inside the Library.
  • Do not talk loudly or walk noisily inside the Library.

What is the difference between a librarian and a library assistant?

The major difference between a librarian and a library associate is the educational requirements. A librarian and a library associate have some overlapping work responsibilities, but a librarian is more of a manager, whereas library associates tend to interact more with a library’s patrons.

Why do you want to work in a public library?

Here are some of the real reasons I want to become a librarian: because it is a service profession and I enjoy working with people and helping them find the information they need; because I enjoy research; because I get to work with interesting, engaged, thoughtful, service-oriented people; because I enjoy the world of

How much do Library pages get paid?

Hourly Wage for Library Page Salary

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Percentile Hourly Pay Rate Location
25th Percentile Library Page Salary $11 US
50th Percentile Library Page Salary $13 US
75th Percentile Library Page Salary $15 US
90th Percentile Library Page Salary $17 US

Is a library page a good job?

This is a great job if you want to work at a library. Public libraries are typically in need of pages for a number of different tasks, and if your local public library has a call out for people who are interested in working there, there are a number of things that you might want to think about.

What does a library shelver do?

Position Summary: The position of Library Shelver is responsible for shelving library materials, shelf maintenance, performing clerical tasks and keeping the library neat and orderly. Also responsible for providing simple directions to customers. ➢ May check in books and other library materials as assigned.

Can you become a librarian without a degree?

Library associates/ paraprofessionals – they (usually) don’t have a Master’s degree. They handle most of the same types of library work as librarians. Librarians — there are some library systems that don’t require an MLS degree for the ” librarian ” title, but in a large university town, they probably would.

Is it hard to get a library job?

It is nearly impossible to find a permanent job in a library (I’m speaking about NSW, don’t know about other states/territories). Casual jobs are easier to come by than permanent, but still pretty hard to get IMHO.

What can librarians do from home?

As a work from home librarian, your job is to provide administrative support and virtual customer service for patrons of a library. Your responsibilities include answering customer questions, helping patrons find a suitable reference for their task, and managing the library’s online database.

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