Readers ask: How Much Is Drinks At Senor Frogs In Nassau Cruise Port?

How much are drinks at Senor Frogs?

El Senor Frogs Menu

Coca Cola $1.75
Root Beer $1.75
Orange Juice $1.75
Tea, Hot or Iced $1.75
Milk $1.75


How far is Senor Frogs from Nassau cruise port?

How far is it from the Nassau cruise port to Senor Frog’s? Once you exit the guarded area of the cruise port, it’ll be about a 5 minute walk to get there!

Does Senor Frogs have a cover charge?

Our family has gone to Sr. Frogs for dinner many times. There is no cover if you want to have dinner in the restaurant. The covers and fees people are talking about are the all inclusive prices just for drinks at the nightclub, not a very good deal based on our experience.

Is Senor Frogs a club?

Night Clubs: “Before 9pm, Senor Frogs is pretty much a restaurant, but after that, the atmosphere changes to bar/ nightclub.”

Does Senor Frogs have a dress code?

7 answers. Very casual. Wear what you want. The atmosphere is super relaxed and fun.

What is Senor Frogs famous for?

Señor Frog’s, the Mexican-themed nightclub-eatery famous for its conga-dancing staff, rivers of tequila and food that lives up to the Spanish word “mediocre,” will open its first New York location Wednesday in Times Square — where, frankly, it will be quite at home.

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Can kids go to Senor Frog?

Señor Frog’s Food, Fiesta & Souvenirs is Full of colors, lights, music and fun. Known for its casual, laid back and outrageous atmosphere. Children are welcome

Does Treasure Island have a nightclub?

Take the spirited saloons of the wild west frontier days and combine it with the modern style of the Las Vegas Strip, and you’ll have a hankering for Gilley’s Saloon at TI.

How old do you have to be to get into Senor Frogs?

Spending | After 10:30 p.m., you must be 18 years or older to enter.

Is Senor Frogs 21 and over?

Hello! Sunday- Thursday is 18 and older starting at 10PM and 21 and up on Friday and Saturday starting at 10PM.

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