Readers ask: How To Register A Business Name In Nassau Bahamas?

How do I register a business name in the Bahamas?

To register, the Company must file, inter alia, a copy of the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and details of the directors and officers. A Certificate of Registration is issued, and the company then has the same position as a Bahamian incorporated company.

How do I get a business license in Nassau Bahamas?

Any person who wishes to incorporate a company in the Bahamas is required by law to register the business.

  1. Any Bahamian citizen or permanent resident who is:
  2. Collect the application form from any of Business Licence Unit Offices or online.
  3. Business Registration Form A.

How much is a Bahamian business license?

Business licence tax payable for a new business is $100.00; except in cases of Page 5 The Bahamas General Business Licence Guide Page 5 Version: June 26, 2017 *temporary business licences, ** occasional business licences and ***non-resident companies.

How long does it take to get a business license in the Bahamas?

The approval process is normally within seven (7) working days, providing all required information and documentation has been submitted correctly. The Business Licence Department is located at the Department of Inland Revenue on Carmichael Road behind the Shops at Carmichael Plaza- Nassau, Bahamas.

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Can I start a business in Bahamas?

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas welcomes International Investors who wish to establish a business in The Bahamas. All non-Bahamians or Permanent Residents seeking to do business in The Bahamas must submit a Project Proposal to the Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA). have a minimum investment of BS$500,000.00.

What are the requirements for opening a sole proprietorship in the Bahamas?

Sole Proprietorships Not all businesses need to be organized by groups of people to be recognized in The Bahamas. The sole proprietorship is a business undertaken by just one person. No registration is required, but the owner must ontain a business license or shop license. The business’s name may need to be registered.

Do you need a business license to sell online in the Bahamas?

Yes. Every person conducting business within The Bahamas is required to have a business licence ( Business Licence Act, 2010 3(1)).

What is a business nib number?

Additionally, businesses (employers) and self- employed persons are required to register with NIB. The employer/ self-employed are assigned a unique nine (9) digit number for the payment and recording of contribution payments.

How do I apply for a business nib number?

If you have not registered your company with NIB as yet or need an NIB Smart Card go to “The National Insurance Board Website” and complete your applications. Wait to receive your agency approval(s) in your e-mail, Log on to, Register (create an account) and submit your business licence application.

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