Readers ask: What Lirr Station For Nassau Coliseum?

Where does the LIRR stop in Long Island?

With 324 passenger route -miles, it spans Long Island from Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn to Montauk station at the tip of the southern fork. Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan is the actual westernmost station of the Long Island Rail Road and its busiest station.

What line is the Mineola train on?

Mineola is a station on the Main Line of the Long Island Rail Road in the village of Mineola, New York. All trains for the Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma, and Oyster Bay branches run through this station, as well as a few for the Montauk Branch.

What line is Hicksville on LIRR?

Hicksville is a station on the Main Line of the Long Island Rail Road located in Hicksville, New York. It is the busiest station east of Jamaica and Penn Station by combined weekday/weekend ridership. Hicksville station.

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Fare zone 7
Opened March 1, 1837
Rebuilt 1873, 1909, 1962, 2016–2018


What stop is after Woodside on the LIRR?

Woodside station (LIRR)

Preceding station LIRR
Penn Station Terminus Port Jefferson Branch
Oyster Bay Branch
Ronkonkoma Branch
Montauk Branch

Does the LIRR stop at Penn Station?

train is called Atlantic Avenue. trains also stop at Penn Station.

How much is a LIRR ticket to Penn Station?

One-Day Round Trip Group Fares to Penn Station

Station Youth Adult
Amityville $6.50 $10.00
Auburndale $4.50 $6.00
Babylon $6.50 $10.00
Baldwin $6.00 $9.25


How long is the train ride from Mineola to Penn Station?

The average train between Mineola and New York Penn Station takes 38 min and the fastest train takes 33 min. The train runs at least 2 times per hour from Mineola to New York Penn Station. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays; use the search form on this page to search for a specific travel date.

Are there trains on Long Island?

The Long Island Rail Road or LIRR is a railroad that serves the length of Long Island, New York. The Long Island Rail Road operates seven days per week with service and branches from Manhattan to Montauk. Most of the Long Island railroad stations are open during normal business hours.

What stops are on the Babylon line?

Direction: Westbound (15 stops)

  • Babylon. Depot Place, Babylon View full schedule.
  • Lindenhurst. 98 Hoffman Avenue, Lindenhurst View full schedule.
  • Copiague. 782 Marconi Boulevard, Copiague View full schedule.
  • Amityville. View full schedule.
  • Massapequa Park. View full schedule.
  • Massapequa.
  • Seaford.
  • Wantagh.
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Can you use MetroCard on LIRR?

While you can PURCHASE a MetroCard at most LIRR stations, you CANNOT use an NYC MetroCard to travel on LIRR. While LIRR and NYC Transit fall under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, they are maintained as separate agencies.

How do you pay for LIRR?

You can pay with cash, credit or debit cards, and some transit benefit cards. For LIRR tickets, you can use a personal check for monthly, weekly, and ten-trip tickets, or five or more one-way tickets. Ticket office hours are posted at stations and on the LIRR Station page.

How much does a LIRR ticket cost?

LIRR offers both the $5.50 Round-Trip (2 rides) separately or on Round-Trip ticket types. If bought separately, a $1 fee will apply ($6.50 total cost ). Round-Trip tickets may be purchased with a $5.50 MetroCard on the reverse side. Monthly tickets automatically come with a MetroCard on the reverse side.

How do you take the LIRR?

To access MTA eTix, download the free app on iPhone or Android and set up your account. Buy your LIRR ticket in advance of travel with a credit or debit card. Then, activate your ticket on the app just before you board the train so you can display it to the conductor.

What line is Westbury on LIRR?

Westbury is a station on the Long Island Rail Road ‘s Main Line.

What are the stops on the LIRR Huntington line?

Huntington Train Schedule – Long Island Railroad

  • Penn Station. 11:01 PM.
  • 11:22 PM.
  • 11:35 PM.
  • Merillon Avenue. 11:37 PM.
  • 11:40 PM.
  • Carle Place. 11:43 PM.
  • Westbury. 11:45 PM.
  • Hicksville. 11:50 PM.

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