Readers ask: What Police Precinct Is Southern State Parkway In Nassau County?

Where is Southern Parkway?

Southern State Parkway
Meadowbrook State Parkway in North Merrick Wantagh State Parkway in North Wantagh NY 135 in Wantagh
East end Sagtikos State Parkway / Heckscher State Parkway / Robert Moses Causeway in West Islip
Counties Queens, Nassau, Suffolk


Why is the Southern State Parkway so dangerous?

Flooding has also contributed to the dangers of the Southern State Parkway. Not only are pools of water hazardous for drivers causing the risk of hydroplaning, but it has also led to potholes and broken pavement. This adds to the risks of driving on the parkway, especially at night when driver visibility is reduced.

What is Exit 32 Southern State Parkway?

Southern State Parkway to Exit 32 North (Route 110 North).

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Where is Exit 29 on the Southern State Parkway?

New York State Roads – Southern State Parkway/Heckscher Parkway Exit List

Mile Eastbound Westbound
13.3 Exit 28A S South Seaford
13.3 Exit 28A N North Syosset
13.7 Exit 29 Hicksville Massapequa Exit 29S South Massapequa
13.7 Exit 29N North Hicksville


Why are Long Island Parkway Bridges low?

The Parkway was planned in 1925 by Moses to improve access for motorists to his newly constructed Jones Beach. Sid Shapiro, one of Moses’ closest associates, speaks to the construction of the bridges in the iconic 1974 Moses biography The Power Broker, ”too low for buses to pass. This meant not only trucks but buses.

Was there a toll on the Southern State Parkway?

ALBANY, Feb. 26 — Both houses of the Legislature today unanimously passed a bill that would require the Jones Beach Parkway Authority to roll back the tolls on the Southern State Parkway from the present 25 cents to 10 cents.

How many people have died on the Southern State Parkway?

The crash occurred on a portion of the parkway known as “Blood Alley, a 10-mile stretch between Exit 17 in Malverne and Exit 32 in South Farmingdale. There have been more than four dozen fatal crashes on the stretch since 2014, CBS 2 reported.

What happened on Southern State Parkway?

One person was killed and three others were injured in a crash late Monday night on the Southern State Parkway, police say. The incident happened around 11:30 p.m. near Exit 18 in the Lakeview area of Nassau County.

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When was the Southern State Parkway built?

Work on the Southern State Parkway began in 1925, and its first section opened to the public in 1927. Additions to this route were added in the year 1949, and its current condition was completed in 1962.

What is the speed limit on the Southern State Parkway?

BABYLON, L. I., June 24— Speed limits on the Belt and Southern State Parkways will be increased from 45 to 50 miles an hour starting Monday.

What is Exit 41 on the Southern State Parkway?

The MONTAUK is the first Train that goes to Southern State Parkway – Exit 41 in Bay Shore, Ny.

What is Exit 37 on the Southern State Parkway?

The Essex St/Belmont Ave stop is the nearest one to Southern State Parkway – Exit 37 in West Babylon, Ny.

What are the exits on the Long Island Expressway?

Long Island Highway Exits

  • Clearview Expressway (CE)
  • Cross Island Parkway (CIP)
  • Grand Central Parkway (GCP)
  • Long Island Expressway (LIE)
  • Meadowbrook State Parkway (MSP)
  • Northern State Parkway (NSP)
  • Sagtikos Parkway (SP)
  • Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway (SOB)

What exit is Deer Park Ave on the Southern State?

Westbound Exits

Number Destination
39S Deer Park Avenue (NY 231) – South
38 Belmont Lake State Park
37N Belmont Avenue – North
37S Belmont Avenue – South


What exit is Smithtown on the Southern State?

Southern State Parkway at Exit 20.

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