What Band Opened For Metallica In 2004 At Nassau Coliseum?

Who toured with Metallica in 2004?

Metallica and Godsmack are gearing up for a 2004 North American arena tour which could stretch as far as 80 dates, Billboard.com has learned.

Who did Metallica open for?

Their first live success came early; they were chosen to open for British heavy metal band Saxon at one gig of their 1982 US tour. This was Metallica’s second gig. Metallica recorded its first demo, Power Metal, whose name was inspired by Quintana’s early business cards in early 1982.

Who supported Metallica on Death Magnetic tour?

All the dates will be performed ‘in the round’, and support on all dates will be Machine Head and The Sword. The band recently released their 12th album in their 27 year career which marked their unprecedented reign as THE greatest hard rock band in history. ” Death Magnetic ” hit the No. 1 slot in 32 countries.

Who toured with Metallica in 1992?

The North American legs ran through summer 1992, followed by the Guns N’ Roses/ Metallica Stadium Tour, the Wherever We May Roam European leg, and finally the Nowhere Else to Roam tour of smaller markets in North America, Mexico, Asia, Australia, South America, Europe and Israel, ending in the summer of 1993.

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Who is the richest Metallica member?

Drummer Lars Ulrich Rocks $350 Million The core members of Metallica that have been involved with the band since the 80s have all been raking in millions, and according to Celebrity Net Worth, drummer Lars Ulrich is the one sitting at the top of the band with the net worth of $350 million.

What is the largest Metallica concert ever?

Metallica plays for over a million fans in Moscow in one of the biggest concerts ever

  • According to Country Economy, just over 69.6 million people were living in Russia in 1991.
  • It’s easy to see why so many people were attracted to this video—we’ve never seen anything like it before.

What’s the largest concert ever?

Music legend Rod Stewart holds the current world record for the biggest gig of all time — in 1994, he also performed on Copacabana Beach to to a staggering 3.5 million people celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Is Metallica the best metal band ever?

Metallica are the third- best selling music act since 1991, and are one of the most influential bands in the genre. They have also surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify. James Hetfield & co must, therefore, be considered the greatest metal act of all time.

What nationality are Metallica?

Metallica, influential American heavy metal band that, along with Slayer and Anthrax, developed the subgenre speed metal in the early and mid-1980s. The principal members were lead singer and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield (b. August 3, 1963, Downey, California, U.S.), drummer Lars Ulrich (b.

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What band had the largest crowd?

10 of the biggest gigs in history

  • Oasis at Knebworth, 1996: 500,000.
  • The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park, 1969: 500,000.
  • Isle Of Wight Festival, 1970: 700,000.
  • Live 8 – Philadelphia, 2005: 1 million.
  • The Rolling Stones, Copacabana Beach, 2006 – 1.5 million.
  • Monsters Of Rock, Moscow, 1991: 1.6 million.
  • Jean Michel Jarre, Moscow, 1997: 3.5 million.

How long are Metallica concerts?

How long are Metallica concerts? Most concerts last about 2-3 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the artist, opening acts, encore, etc. Metallica concerts typically last 2.5 hours.

What tour did Metallica open for Ozzy?

The album’s release landed Metallica on a high profile supporting act gig for metal giant, Ozzy Osbourne, from March to August. Damage Inc. Tour.

Damage, Inc. Tour
Supporting Album Master of Puppets
Tour Start Date March 27, 1986
Tour End Date February 13, 1987
Number of Tour Legs 9

Who is bigger Metallica or Guns N Roses?

The answer is Guns N ‘ Roses. In 1991 they were tied with Metallica. When the 1992 November Rain video hit MTV, GNR became one of the most massive bands all-time.

Who opened for Metallica and Guns and Roses?

It seemed Kurt Cobain knew something everyone else wasn’t aware of when he turned down the offer to have Nirvana open for Metallica and Guns N’ Roses on a tour which launched July 17, 1992, at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. Faith No More, who were familiar with their Bay area comrades Metallica, promptly took the

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How long was the Metallica Black album tour?

Setlists consisted of a mixture of Metallica material with fan-favorite songs from their first four albums. Shows were typically three hours long. The stage itself was a diamond form, with a number of singing and playing positions as well as drum kit positions that would allow band members to rotate around.

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