Where Buy Nassau Royale Eustis?

Is Nassau Royale discontinued?

Discontinued Nassau Royale Liqueur from BACARDI-500ml.

What is a substitute for Nassau Royale Liqueur?

It’s a citrus-based liqueur with undertones of coffee, vanilla and other island spices. If you can’t find it anywhere, you can substitute Orange Curacao which is the closest in overall flavor.

What is Nassau Royale Liqueur?

Nassau Royale is a liqueur made by Bacardi. It is popular in Nassau, Bahamas, and Bahamian cuisine. The liqueur is used with whipped bananas and cream to top the Banana Royal dessert.

Is Nassau Royale rum?

Nassau Royale – Rum Liqueur – Young’s Fine Wines & Spirits.

What flavor is Nassau Royale?

Nassau Royale Liqueur A delicate blend of ingredients like local banana and exotic hints of vanilla bean, Nassau Royale’s traditional island taste and aroma is best experienced straight, over ice or in a hand mixed cocktail. Of course, we also suggest pairing the liqueur with a delicious Bahamian fruit dessert.

What is the national drink of the Bahamas?

Switcha is the national drink of the Bahamas as well as a brand of lemon-lime flavored non-alcoholic beverages made in Nassau. It’s made from key limes or lemons, water, and sugar.

What liquor is the Bahamas known for?

Rum Punch Rum Punch is among the most popular drinks in the Bahamas. The exact ingredients and ratios of rum punch will vary depending on who prepares it, but you can expect a blend of rum, grenadine syrup, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, and a pinch of nutmeg.

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